From September 14 to October 9, 2021, Artusnow will participate in the Contemporary Collective Exhibition, which shows a selection of artworks by national and international artists, exploring art from different disciplines.

The digital painting:

The artwork that has been chosen by the curator, Eva Cunill, for this physical contemporary collective exhibition, called “Absence”, is a 100 x 140 cm digital painting, printed on a 3.0 mm Dibond aluminum sheet. The size of the work allows to see clearly the textures of the digital painting, giving the feeling that the women is slowly disappearing.


The gallery:

The Abartium art studio & gallery is situated in a very nice place (a 19th century country house) and offers services to collectors, interior designers and architects for their collections and professional projects.

Abartium has been designed to unify art and interior design from the creation of the Abartium Collection, composed by a careful and exclusive selection of works. At the same time, the Abarclas Collection extrapolates various concepts of classicism for interiors with a more classic style maintaining the common denominator of singularity.

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