I am a visual conscious artist: I create art to raise states of consciousness by those who are enjoying my paintings.

The intention of “Conscious Art” is to increase the state of consciousness by allowing the spectator to “dive” into the artworks.

This sensorial experience, often melt visual imaginary, music and/or poetry.

It allows the spectator to connect with himself, step by step, painting by painting, recognizing feelings and emotions, and moving to a meditative state of awareness:

You can find here the full video (10 minutes) about the performance

The majority of my paintings pay homage to Narure and the “Sacred Female” (the feminine energy we all have in us) and allows those who look at them to find their own Light and Joy.

I use to collaborate with other artists, such as poets and musicians to create an immersive experience which goes beyond a visual experience and allows the audience to connect with inner deep emotions.

Why to choose between large-format physical paintings and digital paintings in motion?

The magic of digital art allows you to choose from a large number of supports (350 gram cotton paper, cotton canvas, 3 mm Dibond aluminum, methacrylate, giant screens, etc.) for each artwork. 

I usually print my artworks on 5 mm Dibond aluminum with a process called “Sublimation” (the inks are heated to 180 degrees, transforming them into gas, before being deposited on the metal surface) which gives the paintings incredible colors and great depth.

This process also gives the works a great robustness compared to paper or canvas and ensures that the colors remain intact more than 85 years, which is highly appreciated by collectors.

Regarding the sizes of my paintings, my works range (for the moment) from 30 x 40 cm to 270 x 650 cm, which allows me to create murals like the one I have created in 2021 for the headquarters of a German company in Madrid: