N- How would you describe the working process with Artusnow, from the beginning of the idea, to the final version of the mural?

T- I knew Artusnow’s work, which I have always liked for its originality. I asked him to develop a mural based on the technique used in his DCOLLAGE series, representing the different markets in which we are present as a technology company. I gave him a total freedom to create the artwork, which has resulted in a stunning mural situated in the entrance of our main offices in Madrid.

N- Do you think that the artist has been able to integrate into his contemporary painting the needs of the company, as its different activities and the colors of the logo, for instance?

T- As I mentioned earlier, the final result is based on the analysis that Artusnow has made of the public information of our company, such as our website or our social networks. In this way the mural perfectly integrates the message we want to convey, with a distinctive and striking style.

N- You have taken a risk ordering something huge, completely new and different for your new offices, do you think it was worth it?

T- I am convinced that in the communication field, like in art, you have to take a chance to reach the public, and I can only confirm that this contemporary artwork does.

N- What is the reaction of your employees, as well as the managers coming from your headquarters in Germany, when they saw the mural for the first time?

T- Due to the COVID pandemic, we don’t receive many people from outside the company. However, the mural has been praised and defined as an attractive and striking image by the staff of our local offices and the managers from the Bender group who have come to visit us. I think it allows us to really visualize where our products are, instantly identifying what we are working on.

N- Would you recommend other companies to work with Artusnow in order to give to their businesses an original visual identity?

T- Of course I would recommend Artusnow’s work, on one hand for murals like he has created for Bender, and on the other hand for more intimate paintings, with an avant-garde and at the same time welcoming result.